I was born in Asheville NC in 1961. I remember lying on the linoleum floor at my Grandmothers house at about 5-6 years old hearing some of the saddest music. My grandmother had a black flat top Gibson guitar and played in her ker-plunking style reminiscent of Jimmy Rogers and all those other great country western cowboys. My mother played guitar as well, and sang and they were frequently joined with my two aunts and my uncle Bobby. Uncle Bobby would come home from the Navy usually always accompanied by one or two musicians that he had brought with him on leave; fiddle, banjo, guitar players. My family from both sides played live radio and T.V. music shows throughout the 1950’s into the early 1960’s.

In my early teens my mother and grandmother taught me G, C and D on the guitar. My mother would say “if you learn these three cords, you can play a lot of songs”. By the time I was eighteen I flunked myself out of the music class that I so badly wanted to take in junior college. It was like a foreign language to me.

I don’t remember any length of time from then to now that I have been without a guitar. There have been times I have had to go to the pawn shop with them for money but quickly got them out of hawk.

I met my soul-mate 15 years ago and came straight home that very night and wrote a song about her.

She has been the primary inspiration of the songs that I a have written till now. I began to feel the need to share these songs and have been fortunate and blessed enough to come in contact with some very talented people that have assisted me in this endeavor. I have a true passion to write and play songs despite never having one music or voice lesson in my life.

I currently reside in Asheville North Carolina with my beautiful wife and have every intention to write and sing till my last day.